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Shops, brands & culinary delights

While strolling through Asbachgasse you will find museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, handicrafts, an exquisite vinotheque and the finest upcycling design. Get an idea of what Asbachgasse has to offer!

Galerie A.png

Gallery A

"Galerie A" is Asbachgasse's own gallery for exhibitions and galleries. You can also buy great regional products, decorations and art here.


The Mechanicum has been located in the beautiful old salons of the former executive floor of the Asbach Uralt distillery since April 2022. A collection of automata and kinetic objects spanning several centuries is exhibited here, designed and built by artists from all over the world. Dazzling marble runs, flying pigs and fascinating art objects are waiting to enchant young and old!

Opening hours: daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Cruisin' Design®.png

Cruisin 'Design®

Finest Handmade Industrial & Upcycling Design!

With us you can expect handmade and tailor-made designs from Germany, unique & sustainable furniture and home accessories with a certificate of authenticity.


In the tension between old and new, wine instead of brandy now flows into the glass in the RheinWeinWelt vinotheque.


In the historic Asbach site in Rüdesheim, 76 wineries with 2 wines each from Nierstein to Königswinter invite you to taste them.



The "bees" is the new, exciting and extraordinary culinary experience in Asbachgasse.


Now open for you!

The gym

"Das Gym" - training with friends!

Good old-school training, but by no means out of date. Here you don't train as an anonymous membership number, but get closer to your goals with fun and ambition in a personal, almost family atmosphere.

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